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Project Description

ScrumPilot adds a layer to Microsoft's Team Foundation Server, giving it a more operational role as well as making it more collaborative.

The main goal of this project is to help teams to follow, in real time, the events and changes in web browsers and mobile web browsers. ScrumPilot can also help teams to collaborate on their projects, source files & artifacts. Teams can make comments to each event and they can preview some TFS artifacts

Why use ScrumPilot
TFS works very well for the analysis, medium and large teams, but with very small agile teams where the Program Manager is also the ScrumMaster and even a developer, though the TFS is a reliable, strong  tool, it isn't flexible enough and is too complex and technical.


ScrumPilot is based on "Pragmatic Task-driven & scored method"


DashboardScrumPilot Dashboard(original size: zoom)

1.    KPI’s  (for all applications in our portfolio)

  • Bugs : Sum of actives bugs
  • Tests to do: Sum of final tests remaining to be done
  • Code review to do: Sum of code files left to review
  • Remaining User Stories: Sum of User Stories remaining to be completed in the current sprint
  • Remaining days: Daily countdown for the current sprint

2.    Bugs List

  • List of bugs by application and by version, with number of persons working on the bugs (active/ total).

3.    Our Sprint

  • Our sprints are named; for example :” Improving our quality” (this is a good way to pass a motivational message to the team)
  • Orange flags projects which are potentially late
  • Green flags projects completed for the sprint
  • Table
  • Projects : Project name and version concerned by sprint
  • Worker : Number of persons  working per project
  • Tasks : Number of tasks completed/Number of tasks left to do in sprint
  • To Do : User Stories remaining  in Sprint
  • In Progress : Number of User Stories in progress (assigned and in coding)
    • Red flags the maximum number of User Stories in progress has been reached (in accordance with the Kanban method; for example in this picture, the maximum is 2)
  • To Test : User Stories waiting to be tested
  • Done : User Stories coded,  tested and validated

4.    Who does What (Active team members list)

  • Team member’s name and date of Last Activities
  •  Pending changes for each team member (Less is better)
  •  Tasks assigned to each team member (Less is better)
  •  Team member’s score (see my post….)

5.    Last activities

  • Combined feed from multiple sources (TFS, other systems,…) that update the activities of team members  in “real time”



Based on this mockup :

New ScrumPilot Dashboard mock


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